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Is it only necessary to block the 4G signal when shielding the phone?

Dojammer 2021-12-10

The functions of the mobile phones that people use today are already very rich. But did you know that different functions are implemented by different signal modules? Yes, maybe some people already know that. Among them, the communication signal and the GPS positioning signal of the mobile phone are realized by different modules. Then when you need to block all the signals from your phone, you need to block the signals from the various functional modules of the phone. Can I block the communication signals of all mobile phones at the same time? Let's discuss this question below.

First, let's look at the communication signals of the mobile phone. Most of the mobile phones in the market are already 4G mobile phones. Do you know why 4G mobile phones are called? It is a mobile phone which can accept 4G signals and connect to 4G network functions. We all know that the mobile phone signal is gradually developed from the original 2G, 3G, 4G network, and the latest 5G network technology has been tested in some developed cities. 4G mobile phone does not mean 2G function, 3G function disappears, 2G and 3G functions still exist, just because 4G modules are compatible with 2G and 3G functions, so we may not be easy to detect, but if you come to an area without 4G network, if this area only provide 2G or 3G services, then you will find that your 4G mobile phone can also work under 2G or 3G network, but the connection speed also reverted to the previous one, open the web page. The speed will be very slow, if at all, let alone video calls and the like.

Now you need to understand that if we need to protect all mobile phone communication signals, we can't just protect 4G signal, we need to protect 2G and 3G signals at the same time. Actually, as long as you understand correctly, 2G, 3G, and 4G signals use different frequency bands, so that you can easily understand.

Frequency bands used in different countries or regions may be different, such as different frequency bands used in Europe and United States. 2G is mainly composed of GSM and CDMA, its frequency range is GSM: 925-960 MHz, CDMA: 851-894 MHz, while DCS / PCS technology is also used in signal transmission and corresponding frequency band is 1805-1880 / 1920-1990MHz. The frequency range used by 3G is 2110-2170MHz. The situation with 4G is more complicated: just know that the frequency band used is as follows: 4G: 2300-2400 / 2496-2690MHz, 4GLTE: 700-803 / 790-862MHz.

We mentioned above the different frequency bands covering all the mobile phone number signals in the market, that is, a 4G mobile phone can realize the function of communication through the different frequency bands shown above. -above. You can use 6 to 8 bands, so if you need to protect all communication functions of the mobile phone, you should choose a phone jammer capable of providing shielding function of 6 to 8 frequency bands, each antenna can protect one. Then 6 or 8 antenna shield will be your best choice.