What method can be used to break through the shielding of the signal by the mobile phone signal blocker?

Dojammer 2022-06-18

There are two key points in this problem, one is the frequency band used by the mobile phone, and the other is the mobile phone itself. Generally speaking, the mobile phones we use are normal devices on the market, and their power is within the specified range and meets health standards. The networks used by mobile phones are the networks of the three major operators, which means that the frequency bands that mobile phones can support are the frequency bands used by operators. Therefore, under normal circumstances, ordinary mobile phones cannot break through the shielding of the signal jammer. Because the jammer is mainly to suppress the interference of the operator's frequency band, so that the mobile phone cannot communicate with the base station in this frequency band. To break through, there are two tricks: 1. Use a frequency band that is not within the shielding range of the jammer; 2. The base station and the "mobile phone" use ultra-high-power communication in both directions at the same time. However, the realization of these two methods requires not only the support of the mobile phone manufacturer, but also the cooperation of the base station, which is self-evidently difficult to realize.