Portable signal shielding device with rechargeable lithium battery

Dojammer 2021-05-02

Hot sale portable handheld 4G cellphone jammer 8 antennas GPS Wifi blocker

8 antennas Hot sale Jammer

This is a portable 8-antenna wifi jammer that can span 30 meters. Interfering signals include GSM WIFI-2.4G 3G (UMTS) 4G GPS DCS PCS frequency range, this is your best choice.


New 12 Antenna wifi jammer High Power 3G 4G 5G Signal Jammer

12 antennas signal Jammer

This powerful new signal jammer is designed with 12 antennas and has multiple functions. It can cut off all 3G, 4G, and 5G cell phone signals, and it can also block LOJACK GPS WiFi signals.


For some portable jammers, if the battery is exhausted, the portable signal jammer will not be usable, and if the battery is damaged, it cannot be removed. Of course, you can also use it in a fixed place, such as at home, in a fixed location (such as using some portable signal jammers in the office). If the battery is broken, what should we do?

If the rechargeable lithium battery of the portable signal jammer is damaged and what can you do to solve the problem is really inconvenient? Of course, a good way is to replace the shielding battery and get the shielding device back to normal operation again. If so, you can take a few minutes to look at this "rechargeable lithium battery for desktop high-power mobile phone jammers", which is one of the various types of rechargeable batteries used for jammers, and for the The product is very useful. Desktop high-power mobile phone jammers do not have rechargeable shielding batteries, and owners will not be able to take out the jammers and use them.

However, if you get a rechargeable lithium battery called "Rechargeable Lithium Battery for Desktop High Power Cellular Phone Jammer" and you will use the rechargeable jammer battery soon, you can immediately replace the jammer Take it out and use it outside and possess the ability to block 851-894 MHz, 925-960 MHz, 1805-1990 MHz, and 2110-2185 MHz signals in the same way when powered by an AC adapter.

In addition, there are other types of shielded batteries, dojammer is suitable for other types of signal jammers. If you need it, go to the shield to find a suitable shielded battery.

Is there a high-power signal jammer suitable for use in prisons? Can mobile phone signal jammers only shield 4G signals?