Can mobile phone signal jammers only shield 4G signals?

Dojammer 2021-05-02

4G signal jammer

Sometimes mobile phone signal jammers are essential, but sometimes they may also be redundant. Sometimes GPS can help people. Sometimes GPS is really bad, for example, it is used for tracking. So things have two sides.

Today's social and economic development is getting faster and faster, and the progress of science and technology is obvious. It has become a reality to replace 3G and 2G in the 4G era. Currently 5G has appeared. However, 4G data signals still exist as the mainstream at this stage. Therefore, can mobile phone signal jammers only shield 4G data signals? This is a very important question. In fact, the new signal jammers on the market have been upgraded at this stage, and shielding 4G data signals is basically a standard configuration. However, some of the cheaper cell phone jammer currently on the market can only shield 2G or 3G data signals.

10 antennas high-power portable 3G 4G GPS WiFi cell phone jammer

Portable 10 antennas jammer

The world's first handheld design, with 10 all-in-one frequencies, can block all mobile phone signals, GPS and WIFI signals, and the interference range is 2 to 30 meters.


New 12 Antenna High Power 3G 4G 5G Cell Phone Signal Jammer

12 antennas signal Jammer

This powerful new signal jammer is designed with 12 antennas and has multiple functions. It can cut off all 3G, 4G, and 5G cell phone signals, and it can also block LOJACK GPS WiFi signals.


With the rapid development of this kind of operation industry, mobile phone GPS is becoming more and more accurate, and dual-frequency GPS is also commonly used in mobile phones. For safety, mobile phone signal jammers can be used to prevent some people from obtaining locations.

People who don't understand this industry are likely to be fooled. At least eight antennas must be used for the jammers in the examination room to shield 4G data signals. At this stage, the eight-wire signal jammer is divided into two types, one with an external antenna and the other with an internal antenna. These two types are well distinguished. The one with antennas is similar to routers, but it has more antennas than routers. The built-in one is as big as a set-top box. It can be used directly by plugging in electricity. The vast majority of eight-wire signal shields can shield various types of data signals. Some of them can even shield 5G data signals. The 4G era will always come to an end, but everyone has always been at the forefront of technology. In order to help more customers solve the problem, we have built a space for shielding 5G data signals in the new mobile phone signal jammer in advance. In this way, even if the 4G period is over, there is no need to dismantle and replace hardware facilities.

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