Use the mobile phone jammer as a security tool

Dojammer 2021-05-23


Many measures have now been taken to achieve the goal of comfort and safety. For example, there are usually guards at the door, and for some places, walking metal detectors are being used to check people passing by, as well as hand-held metal detectors. A device used to check baggage, in this case some potentially dangerous items can be found. But what should people do if people track them through cell phone signal tracking devices? Then the mobile phone jammer can be their good assistant and act as a security tool. Right here, you can start to learn more about high-power mobile phone shielding machines.

As long as you search the Internet using the keyword "cell phone jammer", you will know that a large number of such mobile phone signal shielding devices are now available online, and as 4G mobile phone signals are widely used, learn more details and find out The reliable location of the 4G mobile phone shielding machine is very important, but here, you will have the opportunity to learn about the high-power desktop 4G mobile phone shielding machine, and check its details and other uses in the following content.

First of all, you can look at the name of this 4G mobile phone shielding machine, you will know that the full name is "5 antenna 12W high power 4G mobile phone signal jammer", and then come to understand the details you will know. This is a high-power signal shielding The device has the ability to cut off the CDMA GSM DCS PCS 4G signal. According to the signal strength, the shielding radius can reach 40 meters, depending on the signal strength of a given area. In addition, omnidirectional antennas have been applied to this 4G mobile phone jammer, and all TX frequencies only cover the link. Due to a good heat dissipation system and AC adapter power supply, it can work continuously 24/7.

In addition to this 4G mobile phone signal jammer, there is also a car charger designed so that when people are driving, they can also use this 4G cellular jammer in the car. In addition, this desktop 4G honeycomb jammer also has a good heat dissipation system and can always maintain a good working condition. Because the desktop 4G cellular shielding machine can easily block the mobile phone signal, this mobile phone shielding device can be widely used in places where mobile phones cannot be used and in places where a quiet environment is required such as classrooms, meeting rooms, offices, and churches.

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