Jammers are an inevitable product of the development of the security industry

Dojammer 2021-05-31

Mobile video jammers are mainly used to suppress interference and have a significant effect on suppression. Generally speaking, video jammers are mainly used in the image transmission process of surveillance systems, such as intelligence communities, transportation, mines, elevators, hospitals and financial institutions. When subjected to human interference, the image will be very blurry and greatly increase wear during operation. Therefore, interference video should be used, but you should be careful when using it. I'll share some tips.

To get rid of this annoying tracking, you can use a GPS Jammer, which can protect you from such location tracking in schools and other places. When you use this device to avoid being sued at all times, your parents will see that you are a free personality and have high demands for independence! The jammer is an inevitable product of the development of the security industry, because it occupies a pivotal position. Known signal jammers can block obstacles, but also extend the start signal of portable jammers, interference from mobile devices, ceiling jammers, jammer power, etc.

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The two main types of signal jammers are portable gsm jammers and desktop jammers. In short, portable jammers have functions that are easy to hide, but not that powerful, while desktop gps jammers are big, heavy, and powerful. They have a wider range of interference, but since they cannot be hidden in a pocket, they can be placed in one place and work there.

However, not all interfering devices are small. After Google researched GPS jammers, I noticed that some of them are big keys with heaters and fans. They can generate big signals on all mobile phones, WiFi, 3 / 4G and GPS. These larger interfering devices are easy to find and to stop.

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