The four "anti-cheating artifacts" in the examination room, the scumbags cried after reading it

Dojammer 2022-01-14

We have all come step by step from our student days. School days are our happiest stages, but we do experience countless exams, big and small.

No matter what kind of exam, I feel very nervous every time. Especially the scumbags, "fighting wits and courage" with the invigilator. Failed almost every time, but didn't stop them. Although teachers can easily see through their "tricks" every time.

In fact, many students have a lucky mentality when they take exams. Thinking about their small actions, the teacher will not notice. In fact, your eyes have been seen by the teacher. It's just that sometimes the teacher doesn't wear it. There are 4 kinds of "tools" called "artifacts to prevent cheating" in the current examination room, and the scumbags say they want to cry.

The first is a transparent pencil case

Many candidates like to cheat by using stationery boxes and pencil cases in exams. For example, hiding some small copies, it is difficult for the teacher to find out. But now for candidates, there is a "transparent pencil case" for exams, which also greatly reduces the inspection tasks of supervisors.

Especially in the college entrance examination, candidates must enter the examination room with a transparent pencil case. Sometimes issued by the school uniform, sometimes purchased by themselves. The overall purpose is to prevent cheating and imitation.

The second type: test pen

Now, in many large-scale examinations, candidates do not need to prepare their own test pens. After entering the examination room, each candidate will distribute a special writing pen for the examination, which is also to prevent some students from cheating with writing pens.

Also, everyone has two pens ready in case one is broken or difficult to use. In order to prevent candidates from cheating, teachers may have also exhausted their minds and tried everything.

The third: transparent plate

This tool is also used in many exams. Because the test paper is too thin, candidates are easy to scratch the paper when answering, and it is easy to write poorly. So the teachers prepared transparent boards in advance.

However, this kind of backing board is made of transparent PVC. In addition, the area of ​​the backing board is also very large. Even if the examinee wants to cheat, the teacher can see through it at a glance. In fact, the principle is the same as the transparent pencil case.

The fourth: examination room signal jammer

This tool is not only used in the middle and college entrance examinations, but also in the school's usual mid-term and final exams. As soon as it is turned on, the electronic devices within the examination room lose their signal and the communication with the outside world is interrupted.

16 band adjuestable Signal Jammer

Sometimes the scumbags will secretly negotiate with the tyrants and use their mobile phones to transmit the answers. However, the magic height is one foot and the road is ten feet high. The school has already opened the signal blocker in the examination room to block the wireless signal, which has led to many students. There is no way for the scum to want an answer, it's really plugged.

In fact, it is not correct to take the exam with luck. This behavior should not be encouraged either. We cannot shelter or forgive such beings. It's not helping them, it's hurting them.

Four-point method to determine the shielding range of mobile phone signal jammer Announcement on the use of mobile phone signal shielding devices during the written test of the civil service examination in 2021