Scrambled signal samsung tv

What does "program scrambled" mean when digital TV shows

The program is scrambled to indicate that the channel is encrypted, generally in the following situations:

1. The service of this channel has been scrambled, that is, this channel needs to pay extra, but you did not pay.

2. This channel can be watched before, but it cannot be watched now, that is, the TV station has changed the authorization, but your set-top box has not received it. This is a problem with the set-top box. Find the TV station to replace the set-top box;

3. The column group is under maintenance;

4. When the smart card is pulled out, it prompts "The program is scrambled, please insert the smart card", as long as the smart card is inserted, you can watch it normally;

5. The CA card inside the set-top box is not inserted properly, please try to insert it again after power off.

Expansion information:

Scrambling is a digital signal processing method, that is, multiplying the original signal with a scrambling code to obtain a new signal. Compared with the original signal, the new signal is broken up in time and frequency. Therefore, in a broad sense, scrambling is also a modulation technique. Scrambling also has an inverse operation, which is descrambling.

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