Scrambled channel or weak signal

I bought a 46-inch LCD TV from Samsung two years ago. After I connected it online, I searched for digital wireless TV and received more than 10 TV sets, including 2 paid programs. I didn't buy a TV set-top box or paid for it. I rarely watch TV, but when I turned on the TV recently, I found that I could only receive one from the central channel. All other TVs show scrambled channels or weak signals. Why can I watch it before, but now I can't watch it, and it's all encrypted? In the past, even paid programs could be received.

Because you haven't set-top box for a long time, the set-top box has a fixed license to receive every month. In the case of sufficient funds in your account (that is, if you are not in arrears now), you only need to turn on the set-top box, turn it on for at least half an hour, and then tune to other channels to see if you can watch it. The longest boot time is 24 hours, if you still can't see it, please contact the local customer service as soon as possible for repair. Among them, the length of time for the power-on to accept authorization depends on the strength of your home signal. In the process of waiting for authorization, you can first turn off the TV and only turn on the top box, or you can adjust the channel to the center 1 while watching, etc. It is best not to adjust the channel frequently, which may affect the reception of the signal. I hope I can help you.

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