Is there a way to block or jam in-store satellite music systems?

I noticed you have six different types of jammers, but I'm not sure how often you use the music systems in store. I work in a place that constantly plays Top 40 at high volumes and if I could find a way to turn them off and keep it quiet, my work day would be a hundred times better!


I guess if you ask such a question, then you know the basics, so I won't tell you what you already know. If you want to use two signal jammers in one building, there are many things to consider.
First, you need to determine if the jamming radius of your jammers will intersect. If so, they must work with different frequency bands to avoid mutual interference effects. If the jamming radius is not crossed between jammers, you can use two jammers of the same type. And if you use two different frequency-locked signal jammers, you can forget about worrying that they will interrupt each other's work.
So choose wisely and remember that there are jammers, such as the Adjustable Multi-Frequency Signal Jammer, which can act as a desktop signal blocker to cover the entire building.
If you have any additional questions on this topic or any of the jammer types, feel free to ask!