Remote control drone scrambler

Hacking technology Many drones are directly used for interaction with Wi-Fi in order to facilitate users to use mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets to control. In this way, some hacking techniques that are already mature on the Internet can be directly applied to drones.

For example, through the open ports in the UAV control system or password guessing and other means, enter the control system to realize the control of the UAV. The legendary hacker who developed the Sami worm, Samy Kamkar, used this principle to write a drone hijacking software called SkyJack, and installed the software into a specially configured drone, SkyJack Fly in the air and look for other drones within Wi-Fi range, then invade the drone and gain control.

Professionals engaged in anti-drone applications in the industry said that the current domestic anti-drone technology is still in the groping stage. The radio hijacking technology is difficult to achieve due to the encryption of radio signals by the drone manufacturers, and the hacker technology is due to The threshold is high and it is not easy to commercialize, so the technology currently used mainly focuses on interference blocking.

HW08US High Power Handheld Portable Drone Signal Jammer

3G WIFI GPS Bluetooth 5 antenna Jammer

This is a portable drone jammer. Compared with other UAV jammers, the jammer is lighter and smaller in size. You can easily take it anywhere, and no one knows that you are using a jammer.


New 2.4GHz 5.1GHz 5.8GHz 3-channel portable drone jammer

2.4GHz 5.1GHz 5.8GHz Handheld Jammer

This is a drone jammer designed for portability. Ideal for managing illegal drones. The first choice of urban safety management departments, a good helper to protect their privacy and safety.


Desktop 12 Bands Phone Signal Jamming Multiple Frequencies Drone Blocker

Drone Blocker

This drone jammer has a good heat dissipation system and radiator. The top 2 large fans + 4 small fans have low noise. Each frequency band is independent and the Power is adjustable.


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