868 Mhz Jammers Find Secret Use To Reduce Losses

Dojammer 2022-03-03

A minute later, the reporter found that the cell phone signal was truly zero, and when he called, the screen showed no service. "How much area can this machine cover?" "It should be bigger than this room." "What if I want to shield about a dozen rooms on a floor?" "Also, we have a maximum 50 meter radius range, about two. That's enough. When the beeper is installed and placed at both ends of the corridor, not all mobile phones can be connected or connected." "Will this thing affect the human body?" "No, it's the same. The cell phone signal is the same, it should be said that there is no impact." According to the staff, the one with a smaller coverage area costs 950 yuan and the other 1,900 yuan. “We are a large brand agency. The price is basically unacceptable. If you are willing to pay now, you can take it with you.” When citizen Mr. Zhang heard that 868Mhz jammers were being sold at random online, he thought it was a bit strange: “During the earthquake, everyone couldn't get through phones with their cellphones . At that time, everyone felt scared. If these shielding devices are freely available for purchase on the Internet, and they are used by people with ulterior motives or parodies, you will be afraid if you cannot make a call in an emergency! Besides, if these are these devices, they will be used secretly at commercial competitors and other places, which will bring great losses to individuals and companies from cell phone signal jammers must be at least 2.5 watts. If there are several on one floor, and the signal is continuously transmitted, the radio wave transmission power far exceeds the environmental protection regulations, the radiation caused will affect people, and it does not comply with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Health. Jammer For performance reasons, the antenna is specially designed to support the host. The factory is responsible for troubleshooting such as B. Cell phone jammers. For best results, please try not to use each other.

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Do you know how 5G868 Mhz Jammer Find Shield is used in examination room to achieve signal shielding? Do you really know the principle of shielding? Let's learn together: previously, during the work, the low-end frequency of the channel was scanned at a certain speed. The message signal received by the mobile phone will cause garbled interference, and the base station's normal data can not be detected, so the mobile phone cannot connect to the base station, thereby achieving the purpose of shielding the mobile phone signal.