How to interfere with the recording of the recorder?

Dojammer 2021-12-30

If your daily life or business is related to confidential data, protecting information is a necessary measure. You can put important files or videos in a safe place for storage. But in most cases, the danger comes from the third party. They must exist in business negotiations. They generally use microphones, listening devices and recorders. So in order to protect our data, we need a recording blocker, so what is a recording blocker?

It is a device that effectively acts on recording technology. The noise generated by the device makes the content recorded by the recording equipment difficult to understand and unreadable. The recording blocker is not only used for professional recording equipment, but also for mobile, external microphones and other equipment. The recording blocker is a device designed to exclude spyware technology. These devices have several modes of operation. Prevent recording equipment from working quietly, without disrupting the business environment, and without revealing its existence. If someone uses a recording spy device, he can only hear a series of incomprehensible sounds. Audio jammers of recorders, microphones and listening devices can complete the task, ensuring complete security and confidentiality.

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Recording blocker is a unique solution for listening equipment, recorders, microphones and other spies. These models can work automatically and continuously through the adapter. The loudspeaker interference suppresses third-party signals that use ultrasonic waves to directly record. Acoustic and silent modes provide safety in any situation. The combined acoustic noise generator always completes its work effectively through the following functions: noise similar to human voice, protecting the recording of various microphones.

If you use sensitive data and want to protect your personal information, then the recording blocker is what you need, which is a device that provides comprehensive protection in business negotiations or meetings. The recording blocker emits ultrasonic waves with random noise that human ears cannot perceive. When recording on digital devices such as mobile phones, these noises are recorded into the digital device together with the sound of normal conversations, making the recorded audio invalid. The audio information in the video also has the same interference effect. Because the noisy ultrasonic noise is randomly generated and cannot be restored, the audio after the interference cannot be restored, thus ensuring that the original information is not leaked and spread.

As a manufacturer of recording muting devices‚Äč, I would like to share with you the market situation of recording muting devices: as a new product, recording muting devices have received more and more attention and support from people. The users have changed from the previous countries to the current enterprises and enterprises. The demand for this is also gradually increasing, which gives us an important reminder. It shows that business people are gradually attaching importance to the safety of voice information and their awareness of self-protection has increased. Imagine if in a conversation scene, if any participant turns on the recording device, or connects the phone and keeps it in the call state, the remote personnel can There is no security to hear the content of the conversation at will. In this case, the recording blocker can play a very good role in protecting the security of audio information.

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