What should I do if recording equipment appears on important occasions?

Dojammer 2021-10-29

Nowadays, conference rooms are often shown on TV, and small recording equipment appears on important occasions. Ordinary recording equipment can help us record some important information about study, work or life, which brings us great convenience. But nowadays, there are many styles of recording equipment, and some are even the size of a pen, which is generally unobservable. If the content discussed in the meeting place involves privacy issues, and you don't want the content to be recorded by someone else with a recording device, what should you do? Have you ever encountered such confusion, the conversation between the two, was inexplicably recorded by a third person. The important details of the client's business negotiations are inexplicably obtained by competitors. The decision-making policy of the group's internal summit meeting was inexplicably known by the hostility of the same industry. Confidentially, important conversation meetings within the secret-related units were inexplicably publicized and spread by illegal persons. The reason why you say that the content of your conversation has probably been recorded and tapped.

Signal Jammers

In order to prevent important information from being leaked due to illegal eavesdropping of small recording equipment in meetings and important business venues, Dojammer recommends the use of recording jammers in important meeting venues.

Recording jammers can effectively interfere with content such as mobile phones, voice recorders, eavesdroppers, and secretly recorded conversations. In the working process of the anti-eavesdropping recording jammer, it uses true random numbers as seeds and uses high-security national secret algorithms to perform encryption operations. Then, the encrypted random numbers are processed by mixing high and low frequency sound sources to produce unrecoverable, silent And the interference signal of the aliasing effect interferes with the sound collection device, thereby forming the effect of sound interference.

The shape of the recording jammer is close to daily necessities, the remote control is turned on at a long distance, the interference area is controllable, and the recording cannot be separated and restored. It is suitable for leadership office, negotiation meeting room, car, etc.

Importance of business information The use of jammers made the theater quiet