How to use mobile phone signal jammer reasonably and compliantly?

Dojammer 2022-04-29

When using a communication signal blocking device such as a mobile phone signal shielding device, it must be reasonably compliant. According to relevant laws and regulations, if the current communication signal causes large-scale interference, it is illegal. Therefore, in order to ensure that the other two do not Delayed communication, signal shielding requirements, must be reasonably observed when using mobile phone signal shielding devices.

Cell Phone Signal Detector

Many people should be very aware that mobile phone communication is transmitted through the signal of the base station, and the coverage of domestic mobile phone signals in the world is relatively perfect. The three state-owned operators, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, have spared no effort to build base stations and other infrastructure to improve the coverage of mobile phone signals, allowing the public to receive mobile phone signals anytime, anywhere. to complete the signal transmission. The function of the mobile phone signal shielding device is to shield the base station signal in a certain frequency band and a certain area, so that the mobile communication equipment within the range of the mobile phone signal shielding device cannot transmit signals. Generally speaking, the mobile phone signal shielding device is mainly used in prisons, public security , military sites, schools and other places. Courts and other places where cell phone use needs to be banned.

cell Signal Jammers

When using a cell phone signal blocker, abide by it reasonably and try not to disturb the public. For example, in Shijiazhuang, a villager inappropriately used a cell phone signal jammer, which caused serious interference to several nearby communication base stations, causing thousands of cell phone users in the area to be unable to communicate normally. After inspection by local radio administrative law enforcement officers in Shijiazhuang, they found the source of the mobile phone signal shielding, and asked the villagers to dismantle the mobile phone signal shielding equipment so as not to disturb other people's mobile phone signals. After nearly four hours of deadlock, anti-attenuation, and illegal interference devices Released, the communication base station resumes normal operation.

It can be seen that when Shijiazhuang villagers use the mobile phone signal shielding device, in order to meet the needs of personal mobile phone signal shielding, they interfere with the normal signal communication of others, which is very undesirable. When purchasing a mobile phone signal shielding device, you should choose a well-known manufacturer, so that the signal shielding effect and subsequent technical support and maintenance are more guaranteed.

In the mobile phone signal jammer industry, it has more than 12 years of research and development, production, sales and engineering construction and installation of jammers. As a professional mobile phone market signal detector, mobile phone network signal jammer supplier, brand signal jammer product quality Undoubtedly quite reliable. Over the years, for many prisons, schools, government information confidentiality workplaces, etc., we can formulate solutions to the needs of mobile phone signal blocker systems, provide more high-quality and qualified mobile phone signal blocker products, and perfectionism to achieve target customers' mobile phone signal shielding need.

Taking schools as an example, in order to prevent students from cheating in exams, schools need to block mobile phone signals. The mobile phone signal shielding device is used for multiple network reorganization to expand the mobile phone signal shielding range, which can be adjusted and controlled by software. It is very convenient for the school to turn on the cell phone signal blocking device when the test is carried out and close it during normal hours to meet the demand. In addition, the signal shielding can be controlled in classrooms and campuses, and will not interfere with the normal communication of the surrounding residents, and the mobile phone signal shielding device can be used reasonably and compliantly.