Mobile phone shielding cabinet solves the problem of mobile phone leakage

Dojammer 2022-10-21

When we need to communicate in some special places, it is usually not allowed to bring any communication equipment, and unified and centralized management will be carried out. At this time, we need to use a mobile phone jammer, which can not only ensure the safety of mobile phones, and will not be lost omissions, etc., and can shield the signal, and will not cause information leakage

The mobile phone shielding cabinet produced and developed by DOJAMMER:

The mobile phone shielding cabinet adopts a split and combined structure. Its design is both beautiful and practical. The drawer is decorated with flannel lining. There are many types of products, and the number of drawers is different. It can store multiple mobile phones. Each drawer has an independent There is no need to worry about safety issues, and its structure design is compact, occupying less space during use.

16 band adjuestable Signal Jammer

The drawer of the mobile phone shielding cabinet is made of tin-plated steel plate, and the product has passed the inspection and certification of the National Security Technology Electric Testing Center; the shell is made of electrolytic steel plate, which can ensure the overall strength and electromagnetic continuity of the shell.

The shielding efficiency of DOJAMMER's mobile phone shielding cabinet is >65dB, which can effectively avoid the leakage of mobile phone signals, and can centrally manage mobile phones without being affected by the electricity environment.

DOJAMMER has a complete range of mobile phone shielding cabinets, which can be customized one-to-one according to customer needs. The company has 12 years of production experience and is a brand you can trust.

Does the use of mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room affect the normal performance of candidates? The price of mobile phone signal shielding cabinet is affected by the size of process materials