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Four factors affecting the price/performance ratio of prison cell phone signal jammers

Dojammer 2021-07-08

Factor 1: High efficiency of interception

The mobile phone signal jammer puts it plainly on the high efficiency of interception, which is whether the interception effect has blind spots and missed. In the vicinity of some prisons, there are likely to be base stations for transmitting communications with strong mobile phone signals in order to ensure a very good interception effect. Relatively speaking, it will take a relatively large amount of materials and time and energy, and the cost will be relatively low. Significant increase. Therefore, the better the interception effect is, the higher the cost will be. In real applications, the interception standards in the prison area are usually higher, with a slight miss or blind spot. In violation of the regulations, employees are likely to grasp this loophole, prompting the use of mobile phones in the originally required interception area, and there is no guarantee that mobile phones can be intercepted. The original intention.

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Factor 2: No failure time

If the cell phone jammer is originally required to have a trouble-free service life of one year, but in real applications, the trouble-free guarantee is three years, and the price/performance ratio has tripled.

If the original requirement for a trouble-free service life is one year, in actual applications, failures often occur in less than half a year. Although it is completely free of charge, the risk is immeasurable and the staff resources are consumed. Relatively speaking, the cost performance is greatly affected. Big impact.

Factor 3: Impact on the outside

If the external influence is not taken into consideration, pure interception will be relatively easy, and only the interception power needs to be increased. However, it is necessary to ensure that there are no blind spots and no leakage in the interception area. The power compression strength in the interception area is relatively large. If there is a slight leakage, the external impact will be relatively large. This standard needs to be fully considered during interception design and technically controlled to ensure accurate and efficient interception without any external influence.

Factor 4: Cost

The cost of the mobile phone signal jammer should follow the interception standard and cost budget. You can't blindly choose cheap products, and don't think that the expensive is good. In a realistic selection, credibility is very important, and it is necessary to investigate its past on the spot. For example, try the interception function for yourself, and then make a selection.