Methods and precautions for selecting mobile phone jammer equipment

Dojammer 2021-11-05

1. Shop around and choose products from three companies, and learn more about them through extensive research:

1. Conduct research on product quality, technical means, and brand;

2. Through network search, get a preliminary understanding and communicate with technical personnel, and listen to technical explanations;

2. see the effect of the prison demonstration:

Choose a few of the best ones, go to the site to inspect and demonstrate the shielding effect;

3. The actual effect of the case study:

1. After the product has been demonstrated, the application, operation status and actual effect of the product on other similar projects can be investigated;

2. It is better to bring the mobile phone into the shielded area after approval during the inspection to verify the shielding effect.

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4. Simple and quick method of judging equipment:

Equipment that can be considered:

1. The area that should be shielded is not strictly shielded, which is costly and laborious and has no actual effect;

2. The area that should not be shielded has serious interference, and is complained and cannot be used normally;

3. Overly biased detection and pseudo base station technology, there is a gap between ideals and reality.

Unsuitable equipment:

1. Small size, the main unit and power supply are separated, and a circuit board is used inside;

2. It needs to be equipped with a protective box, which is small in size and light in weight;

3. The natural heat dissipation area is small or fans are used to help heat dissipation;

4. There are many places where air circulates inside and outside the equipment, and the inside is easy to corrode;

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