Portable WiFi GPS Signal 6 Wire Blocker

Portable Integrated Jammers GSM 3G LTE4G WiFi GPS Signal Blocker

This jamming device has a hidden design. You can hide the antenna and not be easily noticed. There are independent frequency band control buttons. You can turn frequency bands on or off as needed. This WiFi Jammer is easy to carry, you can carry it in your backpack or strap it to your arm if you want. It looks like an old phone, which is easy to deceive, so it always surprises you.

This jammer is suitable for Police, Bomb Squad, VIP Protection, Special Police (S.W.A.T), Military Security Force, Bomb Squad, Anti-Terrorist Force, Anti-Drug Force, Border Control Force, Checkpoint Personnel, etc. Such law enforcement officers benefit greatly from deploying any state-of-the-art portable RFI solution, allowing them to more effectively execute the law enforcement process to reduce the chances of criminals leaking information.