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The concert hall's poor shielding effect on mobile phone signals affects the performance

Dojammer 2021-04-24

Citizen Mr. Yang recently reported that the signal shielding device in the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall at No. 1380 Fuxing Middle Road, Xuhui District cannot shield 4G and CDMA signals, but can only shield 3G and GSM signals. Turn off the mobile phone, if there is a call, the mobile phone will ring, which will affect the order of performance venues. This situation has existed since the opening of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra concert hall, and some music lovers and I have been troubled.

After receiving the feedback from the situation, the Shanghai Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and Television organized an investigation and introduced relevant technical details to the audience. 

The cell phone jammer currently used in the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra concert hall can shield the signals of the current three major mobile phone mobile operators. After the equipment is installed, it has been tested on the spot. When the jammer is turned on, incoming calls cannot be accessed, and internal calls cannot be accessed. Dial out.

The shield antenna covers the entire audience area, receives external signals and analyzes its working frequency band, and transmits interference signals in the corresponding frequency band to shield the signal. Therefore, even if the viewer's mobile phone shows a signal, it is actually impossible to connect.

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The signal jammer can only control the inaccessibility of incoming calls, but when individual viewers turn their mobile phones into silent mode, if they use other non-calling functions, such as alarms and cameras, they cannot guarantee that their mobile phones will not make any sound. In addition, the alarm sound of some mobile phones cannot be muted.

Therefore, calling on the audience to watch the performance in a civilized manner cannot rely solely on "technical defense." Entering the theater and actively turning off mobile phones and other facilities that may disturb the actors and hinder other audiences is a civilized move.