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The difference between pocket jammers and desktop jammers

Dojammer 2021-12-10

Anyone can see a variety of shields on dojammer.com, and some savvy friends may have discovered that there are two main categories of very different shapes. Yes, depending on the shape and method of installation, it can be divided into two broad categories: the first is the portable shield, and the second is the desktop supercharger shield. Actually, according to different attributes, the mask can be classified according to different methods, today we mainly understand the difference between handheld shield and desktop shield.

First of all, the installation method is different. Portable jammers have built-in batteries that allow them to be placed where you need them. However, the capacity of the built-in battery is usually only guaranteed for two hours, after which it needs to be charged by the power source, such as a cell phone, or you can use the charging treasure. Usually, the desktop super heatsink does not have a battery, and the external power supply must be connected. It can therefore only be permanently installed in a specific location. However, it can remain in working condition for a long time and continues to play the role of shielding.

The second is height and size. The size of the portable cell phone jammer is relatively small, and the corresponding weight is much lighter, which makes it easier to use in mobile mode. The reduced size also makes it easier for the user to place the jammer in a more subtle place while in use, making it easier for others to discover it and play its role better. And we also have a lot of very special shapes of the jammer, which looks like USB stick, or cigarette case, these shapes can be better hidden in some occasions and is not found, it is a very good choice. The size of desktop jammers is usually large, as they are connected to a fixed and stable power source, which can provide a very stable shielding effect.

The third is the difference in power. The power of the portable jammer is relatively small and the coverage area is relatively small. The desktop jammer has greater power, a larger coverage area, and a wider range of signal bands that can be shielded. But when you buy, you should also look at the specific settings, because some pocket jammers are very powerful, and its function is very powerful, much more than some entry-level desktop jammers.

In general, I think everyone has a good understanding of the difference between pocket jammers and desktop jammers, especially their respective pros and cons. You can choose the suitable style according to your specific needs. If you need to block cell phones, private cars, and other frequently moving targets, you should choose a portable jammer. If you need to mask the signal in a fixed situation, it is better to choose a tabletop jammer because it provides continuous and stable shielding.