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Analysis of the function of the wireless video intercom system with the mobile phone signal screen

Dojammer 2022-01-18

Do you know what functions the wireless video intercom system has? So today, I will take this question and follow the editor of the cell phone signal jammer company to learn about it.

1. Security

It is necessary to conduct real-time all-weather video surveillance at the entrance of the enterprise's factory area, workshops, office buildings, perimeter walls, warehouses and other targets, and has the function of alarm linkage recording.

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2. Production management

Keep abreast of the working conditions of each workshop and the production situation of the assembly line, but the video images must be kept confidential; some workshops need to realize unmanned operation because the working environment is harmful to human health, which requires remote monitoring of the production process.

3. Enterprise leadership management

Leaders use desktop computers in the office to keep abreast of the real-time production status of major production links, deal with emergencies, and conduct two-way audio and video exchanges with the scene. When going out, you can use the Internet to enter the password to log in to the system and keep abreast of the production situation.