Personal privacy device

A device for safely protecting personal privacy information and a method of using the same, including a disguised discoloration covering, a safety box, a sensing device, a verification device, a voice reminder device, an anti-theft device, a control device, a communication module, a user intelligent terminal, and a The camouflage discoloration covering is arranged on the outside of the safety box, the camouflage discoloring covering surrounds and covers the safety box, the sensing device is arranged on the safety box, and the sensing device is fixedly connected with the safety box. The cover enables the safety box to generate corresponding colors according to the color of the environment, so that the color of the film can be adjusted according to the color of the environment to form a corresponding color, and the object covered by the camouflage color-changing cover can be visually invisible in the actual environment. Real-time monitoring of the situation around the safety box is realized through the sensing device, and the humidity sensing device can detect the humidity in the safety box, and promptly notify the user to take out the privacy file before the humidity destroys the privacy file.

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