What is the penetrating power of the jamming signal?

Hai brother! Jammers are obvious to me. The range of interference is greatest in the wild, but what about buildings, urban areas, or cars? Will this signal penetrate?


Hi! Under the conditions that we need to be quiet, such as reading books, listening to music, watching TV, school teachers, libraries and many other environments, under appropriate circumstances, intercepting the phone signal is the best method. Among many other conditions, other populations need to be reduced, which is why more and more new advanced signal jammer designs are being invented.
The signal output by any particular interfering device is simply the same radio signal as other devices. Therefore, the behavior of this radio signal will also be the same as the others. The signal will vary depending on the surrounding area and surrounding things (eg houses, vehicles) and the material of those things. All of this affects the jamming radius of the signal jammer, no matter which frequency it blocks.
It is important to consider where the chosen jammer will be used and keep in mind the difference in signal power at each location. So please try it yourself to see the penetration ability of the jamming signal!