Outdoor High Power Mobile Signal Jammer

Dojammer 2021-11-22

Mobile high power signal jammer can help to block mobile signals for any area facing cellular communication problems: for example, loud incoming calls, noisy phone conversations, secret leaks and bomb blast through mobiles, electromagnetic radiation to the service station, chemical material warehouse and hospital equipment. This product is suitable in executive offices, boards of directors, conferences, seminars, libraries, cinemas, religious places, public transportation, concert halls, restaurants and educational institutions, prisons, etc.

16 band adjuestable Signal Jammer

Mobile Signal Jammer transmits high-power radio signals to cut off communications between mobile and cellular base stations. It does not interfere with any non-cellular communication within the defined regulated zone.

When activating Mobile Signal Jammer, all inactive phones will indicate "NO SERVICE". Incoming calls are blocked as if the cell phone was turned off. When Mobile Signal Jammer is off, all cell phones will automatically re-establish communications and provide full service.


The aluminum alloy housing with IP65 protection has high resistance to dust, water and corrosion.
Special technology to avoid interference between each frequency band.
Only the downlink frequency of the mobile system interferes, without disturbing the normal operation of the base stations.
Selectable power and frequency bands.
Each frequency band controlled by independent RF ON / OFF switches.
The power of each frequency band can be adjusted independently.
Easy operation and installation.


Prisons and other large sensitive places, such as military or government buildings, etc.

Agra Prison which has J&K prisoners to get forward signal jammer Different countries choose the frequency of Cell Phone Jammers is not the same