Will GPS be interfered with by other devices?

Dojammer 2022-02-27

Speaking of GPS, the first reaction is navigation. Many people think that GPS is a navigation function. In fact, this is not comprehensive. In fact, the navigation we usually use for walking is only a part of GPS. GPS includes real-time positioning guidance for sea, land and air, and it is also global positioning. .

GPS global positioning is transmitted through satellites. Many people think that this cannot be interfered. However, in fact, GPS can also interfere. It must be interfered strongly. This is also used in many places, such as very A special prison, in order to prevent lawbreakers from passing news to the outside world, which avoids unnecessary trouble.

There are some civilian jammers that interfere with GPS signals, including the ability to hide yourself or a person's vehicle if a GPS receiver is tracking it. "GPS is so embedded in transport, manufacturing and the economy of our society, the stakes are high," said David Rust, a professor emeritus at Bangor University in the UK, a leading authority on the criminal use of GPS jammers.

"This is especially true when it comes to telecommunications: GPS is the best source of time for most of our phone systems, the Internet, and cell phone calls in the U.S.," said Michael Halkovoi, CEO of High Power Jammer Shop. ? GPS Jammers can be very Easily stowed in a car or bag, it can help avoid detection. "A GPS blocker will help you protect your personal privacy.

Although GPS can bring a lot of convenience, it also exposes one's own location while making it convenient to travel. Maybe it will expose one's privacy. In order to better protect oneself, a signal shielding device is necessary.