Car Jammers Affect The Order Of Radio Waves

Dojammer 2022-03-17

According to the analysis of professionals, this product sends its own signal and uses the principle of interference. If the product is genuine and reasonably priced, it can actually block cell phone signal. The reporter called two manufacturers in Tianjin and Beijing. The operator in Beijing said the product was still there. Sell, but the specific situation is not clear. The Tianjin company said: agents are welcome, you have customers in Harbin, and the effect is very good. "Cellular signals are wireless signals. They are public resources. Can they be jammed at will? The staff of the Radio Administration Office of the Department of Information Industry of Heilongjiang Province clearly stated that this product is not approved by the state. The use of radio signals is the right legitimate user. Interference is an infringement and disrupts the order of radio waves. Radio equipment manufacture must be approved by the national radio administration department and signal frequency bands must be allocated. Buy car jammers Unauthorized, illegal products. Jammers To help those caught in this situation they can use a remote control signal blocker to block the remote control, and then live daily life as before.

Bluetooth Jammer

The method of using Auto Jammer is to first select the area that needs to interrupt the mobile phone signal and place the cutting plotter on the desk or wall in that area. After the installation is complete, turn on the circuit breaker and turn on the power switch.