GPS jammers are non-violent devices

Dojammer 2021-06-11

There is a strong asymmetry between the large-scale destructiveness and the limited resources used for large-scale GPS jamming work, which is very attractive to criminals. Unlike violent terrorist attacks that involve violence with explosives, guns, and knives, large GPS jammers are illegal, but they are non-violent to many people and organizations.

Short-range GPS jammers are available on the market. A typical model is an interference device with an output power of 0.960 watts, which can completely protect GPS signals within a range of 15 to 40 meters.

The key question: an opponent with few resources can deploy a large-area GPS jammer, what is its impact coverage, can it completely disable all GPS reception in a large continuous geographic area? But the key is to use a 3-kilowatt portable generator that only costs US$500, plus a fiberglass truck for about US$10,000, to completely shut down the GPS service in a 1.5-kilometer-diameter circular area.

Any qualified electronics hobbyist, technician or engineer should be able to use a few hundred dollars in parts to make electronic jamming devices.

If people with ulterior motives use a wide range of GPS jammers on crowded multi-lane highways, they will get better results. Especially when using more complex ultra-long-range jammers, a pair of satellite antennas can concentrate the interfering radio frequency power in the two directions of the highway axis.

Especially when using more complex and far-reaching GPS Jammer settings, use a pair of satellite antennas along the front and rear directions of the highway to concentrate all the interfering RF power.

Using a simple power density formula does not take into account the radiant power loss caused by humidity (water vapor) or precipitation in the air, but it is undeniable that jamming and attacking large-scale GPS has asymmetrical appeal.

Unlike fiberglass-body trucks, smaller metal-body commercial trucks can be painted with dual rear windows to hide a pair of rear-facing satellite antennas.

Smaller vehicles can carry batteries with a storage capacity of 9 kWh, and GPS jammers can operate at 3 kW for three hours. The antenna can be disguised as a roof rack or hidden in plastic cargo or installed in a ski box on the roof rack.

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