What should I do if my phone is being monitored? Confidential experts tell you the way and how to deal with it

Dojammer 2022-02-21

1. Micro monitor

Installing a mini-listener on your phone is the most primitive method. A wired phone transmits an analog signal during a call without encryption, so truncating this signal can easily revert to voice. The mobile phone signal is sent over the air, and the sent signal is encrypted, and decryption requires more attention. Still, cell phone hacking happens recklessly.

For example, installing a micro-listener on a mobile phone is the most primitive way of monitoring. But most of them are not easy to disassemble all-in-one smartphones these days. Even if the back cover of the mobile phone is opened, the parts in the mobile phone are densely arranged. How can there be time to install the bug? (William Shakespeare, Hamlet) For example, cell phone batteries can only be made half their original size, so there is plenty of room. However, the transmission distance of this eavesdropping method is mostly about tens of meters. That is, if you want to eavesdrop on cell phone calls, you have to be within a certain range and no longer be effective. The disassembly of the overall smartphone is now cumbersome, so this method is not practical in today's society.

Surveillance method: Do not let strangers approach your phone.

If a micro listener is installed on the mobile phone, it is generally not easy to find. Therefore, when buying or repairing a mobile phone, it is best to go to a regular professional mobile phone store instead of lending it to strangers.

Also, be extra careful with cellphones given by others. That could be a "modified" phone. Also, as with monitoring in a movie, if there is a very secret call, if you suspect someone is listening, you can learn the plot of the movie and make noise. Because it, like a monitor, is also sensitive to noise. The surrounding is very noisy, and the hearing effect is greatly affected.

2. Pseudo base station

The GSM jammer is actually a doctor base station. People who are tens of thousands of miles away can talk through mobile phones, which are the nearby base stations. On the one hand, the base station receives the signal, and on the other hand, it transmits the signal, which acts as a "bridge" between the callers.

Signal Jammers

This pseudo base station does not transmit signals, it only receives signals. Pseudo base stations vary in size. Smaller pseudo base stations are similar to computer mainframes, but can receive all surrounding communication signals.

So many signals, but this circuit breaker wisely identifies which phone to tap. Mysteriously, the fake base station can get the IMSI numbers of all mobile phones from the air. An IMSI number is as unique as a phone's "ID number". After the fake base station gets the number, all the signals from the phone are blocked.

Monitoring method: the shutdown state is basically safe

Generally speaking, the phone is safe when it is actually turned off. It's safer to unplug the battery again. Because no chip can work properly without power. Mobile phones are no exception. Of course, this is not absolute. After the phone has been "modified" charged, it is still possible to be monitored if there is one more battery. In order to prevent solar terms, there is also a method to turn off the mobile phone and put it in a sealed metal box.