Can block students' mobile phone signals Can't block students' right to speak

Dojammer 2022-06-13

During the National Day, mobile phone signal jammers were installed on the walls of the dormitory buildings of Doumen No. 1 Middle School, and at the same time, card phones were installed in each dormitory. It seems that the school will restrict students from using mobile phones after the holiday. My friends, the good days are over." The day before yesterday, the person in charge of the school said that students should be restricted from using mobile phones after the holiday. (Reported on the A II07 edition of "Southern Metropolis Daily" yesterday)

Restricting students' use of mobile phones is worthy of recognition, whether it is to reduce the interference of mobile phones on students' learning, to improve the quality of students' learning, or to facilitate school management. Card phones are installed in each dormitory, so parents can't find students and students can't make phone calls. Judging from the reactions of the students, although some students thought that "the good days are over", some students expressed their support.

While affirming the school's practice, we must also listen to different voices. Signals can be blocked, but students’ voices cannot be blocked. The school has installed cell phone signal jammers on the walls of each dormitory building, which can be seen as the school's restriction on students' mobile phone behavior, representing the school's voice. Some students agree, it is a voice, and some students have an opinion, it is also a voice. After the school speaks out, it is good at listening to the voices of students, so that there are voices of support and opposition, so that the signal jammer will not become the "housekeeper" of some students and the "thorn in the eyes" of others.

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Let the students express their opinions smoothly, absorb the reasonable ones, and reject the unreasonable ones, so that the signal jammer can be accepted by both the school and the students, so that the jammer can play a better role. After the school and the students fully discuss and reach an agreement, the situation of students avoiding the signal jammer to find the signal can be greatly reduced. If students avoid the range of the signal jammer to look around for signals, it will not only affect the management of the school, but also bring hidden dangers to the safety of students. Blocking the signal and bringing about other bigger problems, including security issues, is not worth the loss.

In the management and use of signal jammers, schools and students can explore together. For example, the shielding device does not have to be shielded 24 hours a day, it can be shielded during certain time periods. It can be synchronized with the power outage time, and it can be considered to allow students to take breaks on time. It is not impossible to give students some free time to use their mobile phones to communicate. The function of the shield is to control the time of free communication without completely cutting off the free communication channel.

Middle school students already have a certain amount of self-control and thinking. School education, in addition to teaching students the knowledge required for examinations, should also teach students the concept of democracy, the awareness of participation, and the observance of rules. Some people say that the character of the head teacher is the character of the class. By extension, the character of the school is the character of the students. In the handling of controversial matters, the school's practice will become a model for students to deal with others in the future, and their behavior will carry the shadow of the school. Every move of the school should take into account that the students will copy and copy. In this sense, the use of a shield to communicate with students cannot simply be regarded as a trivial matter. It reflects an approach to problem solving. Whether it is unilateral blocking or a combination of dredging and blocking, the consequences are very different between a single thought.