The price of mobile phone signal shielding cabinet is affected by the size of process materials

Dojammer 2022-10-21

The cell phone signal jammer is used to store valuables such as mobile phones, which can not only block mobile phone signals, but also ensure safety. The price of buying a shielding cabinet is related to many factors. Let's follow the editor of dojammer to find out!

1. Size

The mobile phone shielding cabinet has two doors, and the size of the cabinet is different. There are 10 grids, 16 grids, 20 grids, 32 grids, 48 ​​grids and other models. You can choose according to your own use environment. Generally, the more grids, the higher the price. high.

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2. Materials and craftsmanship

The mobile phone shielding cabinet is made of cold-rolled steel, which has better impact resistance and better quality of raw materials. The welding seam and treatment during the production process of the cabinet are more beautiful and have a moisture-proof effect.

3. Transportation distance

The closer the mobile phone shielding cabinet is to the manufacturer, the cheaper it is, because it is too far away and the transportation fee needs to be added; of course, some manufacturers provide free distribution, which has nothing to do with the distance.

4. Customized shielding cabinet

Many customers want to customize mobile phone shielding cabinets according to their own needs. This can be directly communicated with merchants. Generally, manufacturers can customize and develop according to your needs, and will also give corresponding quotations.

In order to meet everyone's needs for shielding effect, materials that have undergone special treatment will be selected, such as physical property treatment, structural optimization, special treatment of production process, etc., so that the shielding effect will be better.

The material of the mobile phone signal shielding cabinet is mainly steel, but in order to make the product look more beautiful, it will be processed by auxiliary materials, and its production process will be cut, polished or stamped, so as to be more aesthetically pleasing and thus play a shielding role.

Mobile phone shielding cabinet solves the problem of mobile phone leakage The selection of mobile phone signal shielding cabinets should be comprehensively considered