How can I block non-GSM/CDMA mobile communication types?

Hi! There are many types of communications nowadays except for GSM and CDMA cell phones like 3G, 4G phones, satellite phones etc. Can I block their signals?


Of course you can! The mobile communication industry has many standards and frequency bands for cell phones and smartphones to use, but the cell phone jamming industry can block them all. For example, GSM/3G jammers are designed to easily handle common mobile phone communication standards such as GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS and others.
As with other types of mobile communications, they can also be blocked. The modern 4G band can be blocked by 4G jammers, radio communications like walkie-talkies can be blocked by UHF/VHF jammers, internet communications by WiFi/Bluetooth jammers, and satellite phones like these can be blocked by a jammer.
As you can see, any type of communication standard has its counterpart presented by the appropriate jammer. By the way, you can also use this desktop jammer to block all these frequency bands at once.