What methods can shield the signal of GPS locator?

Dojammer 2021-11-04

GPS locator has become an undeniable rugged product, whether it is to identify business property or monitor homes. However, as users increasingly rely on these things, the reasons for hackers to distort the system has increased. Obviously, potential interference with how these devices work can severely impair performance.

GPS monitoring device is mainly used for real-time location monitoring, monitoring property and relatives. Over the years, monitoring devices have been used to perform legal tasks such as rescue missions, monitoring of sex offenders, and monitoring of offenders on parole. In addition, it can also be used to locate and protect the team. This device helps team managers to protect vehicles, to ensure rapid recovery in the event of theft, and to ensure the company's opportunity to receive lower insurance premiums. In fact, these monitoring devices are used to check the whereabouts of spouses to understand potential misconduct.

For these reasons, people certainly need to be GPS locators to ensure that their devices are always working. However, the irony is that GPS monitoring devices can also compromise personal safety, just as they cause safety. If terrorists can obtain important location information of government property, and even a wife can catch her and become a disadvantaged husband, it would be helpful for GPS signals to disrupt things.

GPS signal jamming equipment and other signal restraint devices

"Different methods of mixing or interrupting GPS signals will also depend on the type of monitoring equipment used. The most direct way to avoid being stalked is to destroy the GPS device to ensure that it does not resurrect. However, if the intention is to tamper with it secretly without the installer’s knowledge, it is simple to obstruct or weaken the transmission of the tracking device by using these instruments:

1. Metal shield
This is the cheaper option. Use any metal covering (such as copper mesh or lead camera film protective film) to package the tracking device. It is said that thieves use refrigerated trucks to transport vehicles equipped with GPS tracking devices to avoid being tracked.

2. GPS jammer
GPS shields are mainly sold online. Plug in the 12v adapter in the car, and now the GPS radio signal can be damaged within a certain range.

3. Cell phone signal jammer
GPS shields are mainly sold online. Plug the 12v adapter into the car, and now the GPS radio signal can be destroyed within a certain range.

4. GPS camouflage
This is illegal and is considered a small risky matter because it provides false radio signals instead of real data transmitted by GPS devices. This is especially harmful to business users.