Meeting Anti-Leakage Choose a signal jammer or a mobile phone signal shielding cabinet?

Dojammer 2021-11-04

As we all know, the most frequently used mobile phone signal jammer is the examination room. In order to ensure order in the examination room and avoid cheating, the state stipulates that signal shielding devices must be used during important examinations such as college entrance examinations, postgraduate examinations, and national grade examinations, and one is usually placed in each examination room.

Exam room signal jammer

In addition to the examination room, the conference room is also a common use occasion for signal jammers, especially in meeting places with high confidentiality, such as government agencies and scientific research institutions. At this time, the use of a mobile phone signal jammer or a mobile phone signal shielding cabinet can meet the needs of the venue to shield signals.

When shielding a relatively large venue, several mobile phone signal jammers are usually used, and the specific number depends on the actual area of ​​the venue. Therefore, it is recommended to use a mobile phone signal shielding cabinet for large occasions. The characteristic of the shielding cabinet is that there are 20-60 compartments and a small drawer with a separate key. The relevant personnel only need to put the mobile phone in a drawer of the shielding cabinet at the entrance of the venue. The meeting is over. Then open the closet to get the phone back.

The interior of the mobile phone signal shielding cabinet is electroplated, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed. Its advantage is that it has strong anti-radiation performance, obvious shielding effect, can effectively shield wireless signals, and can store multiple mobile phones at the same time. Each drawer uses a safe type. Mailbox lock for independent management.

Compared with the mobile phone signal jammer, the biggest advantage of the shielding cabinet is the good shielding effect, even if it is close to the base station, it can achieve better shielding effect. But the disadvantage of the shielded cabinet is that it is inconvenient to use. All participants need to put their mobile phones in the shielded cabinet, which will make them feel troublesome.

In short, mobile phone signal jammers and shielding cabinets have their own advantages and disadvantages, so everyone should choose according to the actual situation.