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Jammer drone manages unauthorized drones

Dojammer 2021-05-11

Existing defensive measures cannot cope with small UAVs, as small UAVs are difficult to detect, identify and track, and there are too many of them to be stopped. The wave jammer can be seen as an obvious solution. Disconnecting the radio link between the operator and the drone, or confusing its GPS navigation, will cause the drone to crash or deviate from its path. Many jammers have been used by various countries. Six drones in the Syrian attack were shot down by this drone jammer, and the rest were shot down by guns and missiles.

High-Power Drone Jammer
But Roland Smith, a plasma physicist at Imperial College London, said Helios could be fooled in the same way. He said, "If he has enough power to destroy the target, he can make it a visible target." "If the laser weapon knows it's blocked, it can engage the jammer."

Dojammer pointed out that by hanging the wifi light jammer under the gun, an operator can lower the drone by setting it up and then shooting it down. Of course, while the Sniper Drone appears to be attached to the inert clone of the M4 Carbine, it may be a better choice of host platform in an urban environment.

These companies say the problem is that regulations on the use and control of drones are still in their infancy. For example, in countries like the United States and Australia, drones are considered private property and can only be blocked by government agencies.

The company manufactures and supplies anti-drone solutions for government and a variety of security companies and private enterprises. His system is based on the concepts of "blocking", "detection", "failure" and "determination". Unlike many competitors in the market, Dojammer's military UAV jamming system can interfere with a large number of drones.

The US military uses a series of jammers, artillery, and other devices to destroy, destroy, or destroy enemy drones, which are typically quadcopters loaded with explosives. Army airstrikes on ISIS drones on the ground, its launch sites and operators have also increased.