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Full screen segment shielding device plugs management loopholes

Dojammer 2021-11-15

Speaking of telecommunications fraud, everyone is no stranger to it, especially since the crackdown on telecommunications and network fraud has been continuously strengthened in recent years, but the experience of a woman in Heilongjiang seems to be particularly strange. Unlike other network frauds, the implementation The offender is actually a prisoner in prison.

There are news reports that Zhang Junbo in Mudanjiang Prison in Heilongjiang used money to reduce his sentence and manage various units as a reason for defrauding the victim, Ms. Wang, for a total of 3,884,000 yuan. What is more unexpected is that Ms. Wang is not the only victim. Zhang Junbo used his mobile phone to contact the victims Li, Li, Shi, and Wang from November 2013 to January 2016. , Defrauded 751,000 yuan from these victims for reasons such as fictitious materials for meritorious service and the need to change the sentence. Among them, Li Moumou and Shi Moumou were prisoners in the same cell as Zhang Junbo. It can be said that Zhang Junbo, who was serving his sentence, committed two frauds, and the second fraud was Zhang Junbo's first fraud and was put on file for investigation and was held in a prison cell waiting for trial during the period of strict custody. In accordance with the "Prison Law", "Code of Conduct for Prisoners" and other relevant laws and regulations, prisoners like Zhang Junbo are not allowed to use mobile phones and other communication tools without authorization. In the incident, Zhang Junbo also asked the prison guards to carry money for him and transfer and accept prohibited items. According to ordinary people’s understanding, prisons should have installed interference devices such as full-band shielding devices. For example, when Zhang Junbo is in the prison confinement room, he should be more closely guarded, turning on the full-band shielding device for shielding, and prohibiting communication with the outside through mobile phones. But things backfired. Judging from the incident of Zhang Junbo defrauding millions in prison, there are management loopholes in Mudanjiang Prison in Heilongjiang. The Prison Law also clearly stipulates that prison guards “should strictly abide by the Constitution and laws, be loyal to their duties, enforce the law impartially, strictly observe discipline, be honest and clean”, and must not “claim, accept, or embezzle the property of criminals and their relatives”. Judging from the incident of Zhang Junbo’s fraud in prison, many public officials have not been upright and clean. What is even more surprising is that in a solitary confinement room, Zhang Junbo successfully carried out a second fraud. This is really incredible. Relevant laws and regulations, especially the management system for prison guards and other public officials, cannot be in vain. It is also necessary to consider the use of full-band shielding devices and mobile phone testing equipment to strictly guard and control the investigation and punishment of prohibited items such as mobile phones in prisons. It is not too late to make up for the prison. The loopholes in prison management have to be closed. If related incidents are rectified in perfunctory matters, I believe this will not be the last time for fraud in prison.