How to maintain smartphone network security?

Dojammer 2022-06-15

How to maintain smartphone network security? If your mobile phone is lost, you can also choose to confirm or wipe the data remotely, which will automatically start the operation when the mobile phone is connected to the network next time, which also ensures the user's information security to a certain extent.

The traditional way of security work in the terminal era is difficult to deal with the maintenance of unaware threats. In addition, different software will have different application intentions in different regions. Good or bad software tools can no longer be identified by a set of characteristics. Whether a program is legal or not should be summarized according to information such as file download methods and software behavior. Identify and kill malicious use. How to maintain smart phone network security? How to protect daily mobile phone network security? cell phone jammer

We should first set up a similar standard formulation and evaluation agency, which should be supported by the government, organized by non-governmental associations, and operated commercially, and fully learn from the operation and management experience of major foreign evaluation agencies, so that this agency has independence and credibility. Security software companies entering the Chinese market conduct fair evaluations and become the executors and maintainers of domestic security standards.

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Then, we also need to completely change the security software evaluation method that has fallen behind the times, and replace the static laboratory test with a more practical dynamic network attack and defense test. In this virtual network environment, different security companies stick to their positions to allow viruses and hackers in the society to carry out substantial attacks, and the final results are used to determine the outcome and ranking, which can best detect the practical security capabilities of each manufacturer, and finally meet actual needs.

my country is already the most important Internet power in the world, with a leading position in the number of users and industrial planning, and the greatest risk in network security. It is urgent to build its own security standards and form its own rules of the game to deal with non-traditional network security. . Only in this way can we not be controlled by others, we can truly provide a safe and healthy network environment for Internet users in our country, and safeguard the fundamental interests of the country and citizens.

The development of smart phones is rapid. We must actively maintain the security of mobile phone networks and learn more about network security.