The main function of the shielding box is to limit the electromagnetic capacity

Dojammer 2022-06-09

The main function of the shielding device box is to limit the electromagnetic capability within a certain space to suppress radiation interference, and to deal with conduction and radiation to provide a non-interference test environment for the wireless communication device under test.

The shielding case is very important for the product. Severe electromagnetic interference will cause the equipment inside to fail to work normally. Therefore, from the perspective of electromagnetic shielding, the type of electric field wave to be shielded should be mainly considered. For electric field waves, plane waves or magnetic field waves with high frequencies, general metals can meet the requirements. For low frequency magnetic field waves, materials with high magnetic permeability, high magnetic permeability density and high sensitivity should be used.

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1. The testable range of shielding box is generally from 300M-6GHZ (SZR-TD06 tapered RF shielding box). The isolation degree of the shielding box is divided according to the material, some isolation degree is relatively strong, and some isolation degree is relatively poor (SZR-TD06 conical RF shielding box can reach more than 85dBm).

2. In terms of size, if you are measuring a mobile phone, generally the length, width and height are more than 150X150X150 mm. It shouldn't be a problem for a phone with a 5-inch screen to be larger than the size above.

3. There are many brands of shielding boxes, and the price difference is also large. The key depends on how you judge whether they are genuine or not. The shielding boxes for testing mobile phones generally use conical shielding boxes.

4. The shielding box is generally made of aluminum and steel. Aluminum is lighter, but has poor ability to absorb electromagnetic waves. Stainless steel absorbs the best, but it is relatively heavy. If you hear it lightly and your absorption capacity is good, it's usually fooling you. For the time being, this world can't take into account the light absorption of electromagnetic waves and a good shielding box.

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