How do drone jammers legally take down drones?

Dojammer 2022-05-30

Today, the number of drones around the world has increased dramatically. These changes require the government to adequately address special measures and means to introduce drones. First, a drone registration and registration system is required. Several countries have already begun large-scale work in this direction. There is growing attention to the many illegal uses of drones to install cameras to track and gather information about people or things. More and more people are wondering how to legally take down black plane drones. Powerful drone jammers are designed to solve this problem as effectively as possible.

High power drone jammer

The main purpose of drone jammers is to eliminate the connection of civilian drones and prevent them from intruding into protected and secret facilities, military bases, municipal facilities, sports venues, etc. , and protect VIP personnel from drone airstrikes. In most cases, drones and quadcopters use some material transfer channel. These channels are GPS navigation and radio frequency bands for wireless networks and satellites. The GPS, RC, and Wi-Fi signal frequencies used by drone devices are different. Drone jammers can work from 200 to 2000 meters, depending on the signal strength and location of the operator. Drone jammers make it impossible for drones to transmit video, photo and audio material.