Wireless video and WiFi signal jammer usage scenarios

Dojammer 2022-04-06

Signal jammers help prevent wireless hiding videos and unknown WiFi sources. The wireless video range is from 980MHz to 1200MHz, WiFi2400Mhz-2500Mhz is the jamming target of the signal jammer.

It's not hard to see why we need a signal jammer to protect us from wireless video - these little devil devices are hiding in those sensitive public spaces...Wireless video has an unnoticed appearance that it transmits video required information at the same moment. The working time is about 5 hours or even longer. After being fully charged, the charging state is maintained and it can continue to work. The signal receiving port and sending port can reach 100 meters, and the video quality is very clear. Some even come with microphones and night vision. It's really scary, as we mentioned before in the sample, some people are withdrawing the PIN of their debit card at the bank's ATM. Some people install wireless pinhole cameras in the bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets of hotels. In most places, vulgar men want to secretly take pictures of lesbians. Of course, girls can't wait to be killed. We must resist such bad behavior and prevent secret photography. Candid photography, and these are not just talk, but to pick up high-tech weapons to oppose.

Latest 16-Band 5G Jammer

Although some goals have been made for standard wireless video, it is not fully functional and we need a technical measure to assist the goal. Yes, we mean signal jammers. There are various signal jammers for jamming cell phones, portable audio radios, GPS, WiFi, and wireless video. Portable devices are able to block both hidden cameras and wifi sources, avoiding some of the captured video uploaded to the website via WiFi.

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