How to choose a mobile phone signal jammer device and share the precautions

Dojammer 2022-05-30

1. Shop around to select products, conduct extensive research and learn more about:

1. Conduct research on product quality, technical means and brand;

2. Through network search, preliminary understanding and communication with technical personnel, listening to technical explanations;

Second, the prison demonstration to see the effect:

Select the best cell phone signal jammer and go to the site to test and demonstrate the shielding effect;

3. The actual effect of the case study:

1. After the demonstration of the product, you can inspect the application, operation status and actual effect of the product in other similar projects;

2. During the inspection, it is better to bring the mobile phone into the shielded area after approval to verify the shielding effect.

4G Signal Jammer

4. Simple and quick way of judging equipment:

Equipment to Consider

1. The shielding of the areas that should be shielded is not strict, and it costs money and effort to be ineffective;

2. The area that should not be shielded is seriously disturbed, has been complained about, and cannot be used normally;

3. There is a gap between too biased belief detection and pseudo base station technology, ideal and reality. At present, there is no real successful case to check in China.

Equipment not suitable for use

1. Small size, the host and power supply are separated, and a circuit board is used inside;

2. A protective box is required, which is small in size and light in weight;

3. The natural heat dissipation area is small or a fan is used to help heat dissipation;

4. There are many air circulation inside and outside the equipment, and the inside is easy to corrode.