Different countries have different interference laws

Dojammer 2021-05-05

With the improvement of our living conditions, college students generally use mobile phones or other electronic products. This situation has brought many problems to school management. The students stayed up late, used text messages on their phones, surfed the Internet, etc. During the day, the whole class yawned and the students bent over to sleep. Now that the use of mobile phones in classrooms is very common, students now feel that they have the right to use mobile phones in class. They did not listen to the instructions and had to repeat the instructions several times because they were texting, listening to music, or watching videos or movies on their phones while playing games. Some students even answered or made voice calls during class. Many teachers buy signal jammer and use them in the classroom so that they can take back control of the classroom.

10 channels Signal Jammer

All mobile phones are used 99% of the time in school, only for texting your friends in another classroom, taking pictures, surfing the Internet and "killing time" through social media in teacher meetings. I'm not saying that mobile jammers should be legal everywhere, but I just encourage students to concentrate on teaching during school. Once the school is completed and leaves the affected house, they will be able to turn on their phones again, and once they leave the school, they will provide all the services they need. Or, in a more convenient way, these gsm jammers have "on" and "off" switches, and the principal can turn the device on and off within an appropriate learning time.

Mobile jammer laws vary globally. For example, in the United Kingdom and Japan, anyone can use jammers as long as they don't use jammers.

Dozens of countries including Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey and other countries allow the police or prison authorities to use jammers.

Schools in China and India are using jammers to stop cheaters. Mexico allows the use of jammers in churches and hospitals. Pakistan allows jammers to be installed in banks and libraries.

China is engaged in the research and development of military jammers Various jammers are currently very popular