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Frequency range intercepted by mobile phone signal jammer

Dojammer 2021-05-07

The cell phone jammer is tested to the high end of the low-end frequency band of the wireless channel at a certain rate in the operation process. This test rate can constitute an error code intrusion in the message data signal received by the mobile phone, causing the mobile phone to be unable to detect the slave communication. All normal microwave data signal data information announced by the base station will prevent the mobile phone from establishing a connection with the communication base station within the inevitable plan to achieve the purpose of intercepting the mobile phone signal.

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It is easy to understand that the frequency band announced by the mobile phone signal jammer invades the mobile phone to receive the frequency band of the communication base station. After all, the jammer and the communication base station are in a competition relationship with each other. If the signal strength of the mobile phone signal jammer is lower than the natural environment at that time The output power of the wireless channel transported by the China Communications base station to the mobile phone will not be intercepted by the signal jammer. Only when the output power of the signal jammer exceeds the output power of the communications base station transported to the mobile phone can it be intercepted reasonably and effectively. Therefore, all signal jammers will show different interception distances when used in different data signal natural environments, and mobile, China Unicom and telecommunications will all be different because of the density of communication base stations built by these three operators. The direction of the communication base station and the output power of the communication base station are unlikely to be the same.

In other words, how much the signal jammer can intercept is not only related to its own signal strength, but also related to the distance between communication base stations in the natural environment of the application (communication base stations are not limited to large-scale signal transmission towers built on the ground, but also roofs. The data signal expansion antenna and some of the data signal expansion and dissemination done in some buildings). Another key reason is the obstruction. If it is a metal material, it will be blocked immediately; if it is a solid wall of concrete structure, it will be less likely to penetrate. Weakened by 10 times; if it is a plate or glass material, the weakening is smaller.

Therefore, next time there are customers who say how much distance they want to intercept, they must ask about the distance between communication base stations in the natural environment, and then whether they are used outdoors in the house, whether to cross the wall and so on. Customers can leave a message online. Beyat masters the application methods of signal jammers. Only by understanding these can they better choose suitable mobile phone signal jammers for customers.