5G+AI win-win symbiosis, artificial intelligence has great potential!

Dojammer 2022-01-27

Whether it is bad or optimistic, the discussion on artificial intelligence has never been interrupted, and in the midst of various controversies, new industry applications using artificial intelligence technology continue to emerge, although there is still a big gap from the expected effect, but must not. It is not recognized that artificial intelligence has begun to play its value in all walks of life.

At this year's "2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference Cloud Summit", many well-known Chinese and foreign artificial intelligence companies delivered speeches and held high-end dialogues around the technological frontiers, industrial trends and hot issues in the field of intelligence through live or online video. In addition, many technology giants and rising stars discussed the new kinetic energy and new opportunities brought by artificial intelligence to the industrial economy.

As in the past, the vast majority of experts and enterprises believe that the importance of AI empowering traditional enterprises has become increasingly prominent during the epidemic. , believes that artificial intelligence is currently only a starting point.

The two views are not in conflict. In fact, we have seen that although artificial intelligence is not yet mature enough, in our daily life, we have begun to slowly feel the services and convenience brought by artificial intelligence. Moreover, with the acceleration of 5G network construction, artificial intelligence and cloud The coordination of infrastructure, edge, terminal and other infrastructure will effectively promote the interconnection of all things and data convergence, greatly reduce the threshold for AI use, and comprehensively promote the deep integration of AI into economic and social development.

Make a big difference VS pouring "cold water"

"We have been reflecting on whether technological innovation can make human beings better control their own destiny at a critical moment," Li Yanhong mentioned in his speech, "We failed to dispatch a large number of unmanned vehicles to help people solve their daily lives when Wuhan was closed. The problem is that we have not been able to quickly find a vaccine for the new coronavirus through biological computing, and we have not been able to reserve enough basic technologies and applications to deal with the risks of quasi-globalization for a long time in the future."

The epidemic has made many people feel pessimistic about technology, especially AI technology. "But as an insider, I know that artificial intelligence is constantly improving, and we hope to use technology to let humans control their own destiny." Robin Li said.

He said frankly that artificial intelligence is only in a cycle, and it will definitely usher in a big explosion. Just like the development of the Internet, after the cycle, small people will have great achievements.

In the words, it is not difficult to see that although Li Yanhong broke a pot of "cold water" for artificial intelligence at the beginning, in his perception, artificial intelligence still has great potential. "In terms of public health monitoring, new drug development and disease diagnosis, artificial intelligence can improve the sensitivity and accuracy of detection, shorten the cycle of new drug research and development, reduce the cost of new drug research and development, and improve the accuracy and efficiency of medical diagnosis. , artificial intelligence will greatly improve efficiency in transportation, energy and other fields, and promote economic growth."

Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, also bluntly said: "This epidemic has made us realize that AI is only a starting point. At the beginning of the epidemic, all the work was done manually, because there was no data on resource allocation, and later on. Smart provisioning works.”

Although artificial intelligence did not play a big role at the beginning of the epidemic, Zhang Wenhong still recognized the potential of artificial intelligence, "When artificial intelligence is involved in the allocation of materials, we realize that artificial intelligence will Intelligence has a very powerful ability to allocate materials."

"Also, how to integrate online data and offline data for early warning to form a complete system, artificial intelligence can play a big role." Zhang Wenhong added.

As mentioned above, although there is still a big gap from the expected effect, we have to admit that artificial intelligence has begun to play its value in all walks of life, including finance, education, medical care, unmanned driving, smart transportation, etc. Taking this epidemic as an example, artificial intelligence has played an irreplaceable role in medical care, education, and industry.

In the medical industry, during the COVID-19 outbreak, more than 30 provinces and cities, including Beijing, Hubei, and Tianjin, used artificial intelligence telephone robots to investigate key populations of the COVID-19 outbreak, conduct publicity and education, and collect data related to the non-contact epidemic, serving a total of 59 million person-times. , 36,000 residents with fever symptoms were screened, and 47,000 were positive epidemiological history. Artificial intelligence has supplemented the shortcomings of primary medical services to a certain extent.

In terms of education, new technologies represented by artificial intelligence and big data have alleviated the current phenomenal problems in traditional education. For example, the application of intelligent correction technology in teachers' daily homework correction can reduce the time by 50%-70%; Through handwriting recognition technology combined with automatic correction, knowledge map and other technologies, the time of students' invalid repeated homework can be reduced by more than 50%. This makes it possible to "reduce the burden on teachers and students" from a "slogan".

In terms of industry, for example, Shandong Gold Sanshandao Gold Mine adopts "5G + artificial intelligence" technology, which enables the gold mine to enter the era of unmanned intelligent mining. It is understood that this technology is an overall solution for unmanned mining, which not only effectively eliminates the safety risks of underground personnel in the mining area, but also improves the overall profitability and helps mining enterprises resume work and production.

The above is just a microcosm of the application of artificial intelligence in the industry. In the future, various technologies and application innovations based on artificial intelligence will surely bring us more surprises.

The chemical reaction of 5G+AI

The great achievements of artificial intelligence are inseparable from the support of 5G to a certain extent. "5G and AI have become strategic technologies that lead a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, and are also important components of new infrastructure construction. The two integrate and promote each other, achieve win-win symbiosis, and accelerate the process of economic and social digital transformation." China Mobile General Manager Dong Xin said.

In his view, with the acceleration of 5G network construction and collaboration with cloud, edge, terminal and other infrastructures, it will effectively promote the interconnection of everything and data convergence, greatly reduce the threshold for AI use, and comprehensively promote the deep integration of AI into economic and social development.

In terms of digital life, "high-speed connection + sensory intelligence" will give birth to new applications of human-computer interaction, and visual, auditory, and tactile intelligence will quickly penetrate into personal wearables and home equipment, showing a colorful smart life.

In terms of digital production, "reliable connection + dedicated intelligence" will give birth to a new format of intelligent manufacturing. With high reliability and low latency, 5G will integrate discrete networks in various fields of industrial production, promote the deep integration of AI into the entire process and link of the manufacturing industry, and greatly improve the production efficiency of traditional industries.

In terms of digital governance, "wide area connection + general intelligence" will give birth to a new model of intelligent governance. The ultra-large-scale connection characteristics of 5G will promote online communication in various fields such as education, medical care, and transportation, accelerate the full circulation and efficient use of data elements, support AI deep learning, and promote the transformation of social governance to a coordinated, precise, and efficient direction. . For example, in the process of fighting against the epidemic, based on data such as communication, transportation, and medical care, AI has become a "magic weapon" for tracing the source of people's movements and analyzing their health status.

It is conceivable that the integration of 5G and AI will trigger a chain-like change, produce a multiplier effect, accelerate the interconnection of all things, the perception of all things, and the intelligence of all things, and have a profound impact on the digital transformation of the economy and society.

Qualcomm President An Meng also said that we are entering a new era of intelligent cloud connectivity driven by AI and 5G, where everything will be connected to the cloud and interconnected in a reliable manner. "The combination of 5G and AI will impact every aspect of our lives and numerous industries, and this is the next big technological change."

Dai Wenyuan, founder and CEO of 4Paradigm, also expressed his opinion. He believes that 5G technology and Internet of Things technology will help AI to undergo new changes. "At present, AI is learned by humans, and many label data are learned by humans by clicking on web pages and software. In the future, the development of 5G and IoT will generate tens of thousands of times more data than humans for AI to learn and give to AI. A qualitative leap."

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