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What you need to do before installing the cell phone signal jammer device

Dojammer 2022-06-16

Before the cell phone signal jammer is installed, in order to better ensure the use efficiency and operation safety of the equipment, we need to do the pre-installation preparations, so the corresponding operations are introduced next.

1. Before installing this equipment, be sure to install the antenna correctly according to the signs, and then turn on the power to prevent the machine from being burned out.

2. Before installing the equipment, you should first understand the orientation of the base station, and try to make the direction of the shield follow the direction of the base station.

3. When installing equipment, you should pay attention to whether there are metal objects within 1 meter around the machine to prevent the formation of signal reflection, which will affect the shielding effect.

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4. In special environments such as gas stations, gas stations, etc., explosion-proof machines should be installed.

5. The height of the device is preferably 1.8-2 meters. It can be placed directly on the table, on the wall or on the ceiling. It is better that the antenna and the ground are straight.

6. If it is installed indoors, you should pay attention to whether the transmission frequency of the existing wireless equipment in the room causes co-channel interference.

7. It is necessary to consider the tolerance and safety interval of the existing indoor fine instruments and meters against different frequency interference.

8. If an amplifier such as signal enhancement is installed indoors, it is not suitable to install a shield.

9. Fully understand the boundary between the shielded area and the non-shielded area.

The above nine points are the introduction of the mobile phone signal jammer before installation. According to its introduction, the equipment is used and operated, so as to ensure the performance of the signal device, so as to ensure the use efficiency and life.