What factors should be paid attention to in the installation of mobile phone signal jammers?

Dojammer 2021-05-16

In what environment can a cell phone jammer be installed with better effect? ​​Why sometimes the signal jammer of the Hou device does not work, or the effect is poor? In fact, it boils down to the surrounding environment where you use the signal jammer. In terms of installation technology, the following factors must be considered when using signal jammers:

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The comprehensive factors of indoor shielding are:

1. Taking into account the horizontal application field void product of the area that needs to be shielded;

2. The floor height of the shielding area calculated from the air or the height vertical to the ground;

3. What needs to be considered is the sheltering effect of the house decoration materials and the building materials themselves;

4. What needs to be considered is whether source signal enhancement measures or secondary amplification have been adopted indoors;

5. What needs to be considered is the proportion of indoor metals and non-metals;

6. It is necessary to know whether the transmitting frequency of the existing wireless equipment in the room will cause mutual interference in the same frequency;

7. It is necessary to consider the acceptance ability of the existing precision instruments and equipment in the room against inter-frequency interference, and the safety interval;

8. What needs to be considered is the partition condition and orientation of the windows, doors and windows of the house;

Comprehensive factors when outdoor shielding:

1. Before installing equipment with open and non-open fields, you should consider:

1. When the repeater emits strong electromagnetic wave signals horizontally and vertically, it will affect the shielding device;

2. The influence of the mobile phone signal jammer and the antenna selection upward on the repeater signal can be related to the antenna selection;

4. Isolation wall and sundries are used to block the signal transmitted by the repeater;

5. The blocking effect of stray objects and non-moving solid barriers on the radio waves of the shield.