Do I need to install a jammer in the daily meeting room?

Dojammer 2021-11-10

Advantages of existing technology of mobile phone signal jammer:

(1) The new cell phone signal jammer can already realize the IMSI number obtained in the 4G mode, which does not disturb the people, does not interfere, and is green and environmentally friendly;

(2) Which floor in that area has a mobile phone violation alarm, that is, the shielding device in the area is activated. All devices in the supervision area of ​​the entire unit are not activated together, and not activated for a long time within 24 hours, so the shielding effect is very small, the time limit is very short, and the green color Environmental friendly;

(3) Leading technology, mature and reliable, and meet the technical prevention requirements of national signal control;

(4) It can effectively shield and block the 2G+3G+4G mobile phone standards that all mobile\linkage operators have opened and run. The IMSI number obtained in the 4G mode in the coverage area can be used for all telecom mobile phones. The system collects and is handed over to the telecom operator for whitelist management and control.

12 Bands Signal Jammer

Installation and use of mobile phone signal jammer

1. When using an external mobile phone signal jammer with antenna, lock the letter on the antenna corresponding to the letter on the host, and then turn on the power.

2. The mobile phone signal jammer with built-in antenna is even easier to use. Just plug in the power and turn on the switch. It is mainly used for car mortgage loans, small meeting rooms, and anti-interference places. Shield cell phone signals, GPS signals, Beidou signals, WiFi signals, and do not affect the normal operation of other electronic devices. Choose Hitachi high-performance integrated circuits, 902M VCO and SMD components, and adopt imported automatic SMT machines and reflow soldering machines for processing and assembly line production. The quality and performance are stable, and the repair rate is not more than 2%.

Transmitting power: 32±3dbm Slow start time: 3 seconds to complete shielding time: 30 seconds Ambient temperature: -25 ― +60°C Relative humidity: 35-85% Power adapter: input AC100-240V 50/60Hz Body size: 210mm *75mm*35mm Net weight: 0.65KG

Technical index:

The technical indicators have passed the certification of the "Safety and Police Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security", and have passed the "Environment and Health Related Product Safety Institute of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention" (this unit is the most authoritative certification body for electromagnetic radiation detection ) Strict inspection, the measured value of electromagnetic field intensity at each sampling point is far lower than the limit specified in the "Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Regulations" (GB8702-88).