Can individuals buy and use cell phone jammers?

Dojammer 2022-06-13

Our company is a professional manufacturer of cell phone jammers. During the production and operation process for many years, there are often some individual customers who want to consult and purchase cell phone jammers from us. Then, if the cell phone jammers are for personal use, can you directly After purchasing, are there any relevant laws and regulations that restrict the use of mobile phone shields by individuals?

According to the relevant policies and regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (formerly the Radio Regulatory Commission), the mobile phone jammer is a radio frequency signal transmitter, and most of the interference signals it emits are aimed at mobile phones and other frequency bands. Individuals have no right to purchase and use without authorization. Even if the unit purchases and uses the mobile phone blocker, it should take the initiative to declare, and it can be used normally after the approval procedures are obtained. Otherwise, the local competent authority has the right to demand that the use of mobile phone jammers be forcibly shut down, or even impose penalties such as fines and confiscation.

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The units that adopt and use mobile phone jammers generally have their special application requirements, such as some secret places, military secret units, judicial supervision departments, special police departments with anti-terrorism, EOD and public security needs, or high school entrance examination, college entrance examination Process to prevent electronic cheating in schools, etc. These users can purchase mobile phone jammers reasonably and legally according to the needs of use.

Why can't individual customers buy and use mobile phone blockers without permission? The main reason is that no matter what the reasons are for individuals, when they use mobile phone jammers privately, it is easy to cause excessive interference to unrelated areas in the outside world, and even when some individuals purchase low-end mobile phones through informal channels After the jammer product, it often happens that the inferior mobile phone jammer interferes with the surrounding mobile phone base stations, which interferes with the communication of the base station and disturbs the normal communication environment. stop and punish.