How many ways can a WiFi jammer be implemented?

Dojammer 2022-01-31

So far, the main WiFi frequency bands used in China are: WiFi2.4G and WiFi5G, of which WiFi5G is further divided into WiFi5.1G and WiFi5.8G.

To make a WiFi jammer, you can determine the WiFi jammer of several frequency bands according to the WiFi frequency distribution on the site.

If the field requires that the shielding range of the WiFi shield is relatively small, with a radius of about 10-20 meters, then a low-power shielding module can be used, such as "Shengma" SMa-818B5, then basically it can meet the requirements of on-site shielding , of course, it also depends on the distance between the WiFi signal source and the jammer. The closer the mobile phone or WiFi receiving device is to the WiFi blocker, the better the blocking effect will be. The closer the mobile phone or WiFi receiving device is to the WiFi signal source, the less effective the shielding will be than that at the same distance at the far end.

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If the shielding range of the WiFi shield is relatively large and the radius is about 20-100 meters, then a medium-power shielding module can be used, which can basically meet the shielding requirements on site. As for the shielding distance, it is similar to the above-mentioned low-power WiFi shielding The principle of the device is the same.

If the field requires the shielding radius of the WiFi jammer to exceed 100 meters, then a high-power shielding module can be used. The shielding distance is the same as the above-mentioned low-power WiFi jammer.

Use a medium-power or high-power WiFi jammer, such as "Shengma" SMa-818K90 or K200, there are two ways to achieve it, one is conventional AC power supply, that is, the power supply of the jammer needs to be connected to 220 mains power, and then Supply power to the shielding module through the switching power supply. This method is more suitable for fixed places, or places where fixed installation is required. The other is that it can be powered by a battery, which can be designed as an external battery or a built-in battery. The external battery is mainly used on medium-power WiFi jammers, and the built-in battery is mainly used on high-power jammers.

Finally, the shielding range of WiFi jammers in different frequency bands is also different. Under the same use environment and the same transmit power of the jammer module, the shielding range of WiFi2.4G is larger than that of WiFi5G. This is because the lower the frequency, the farther the wireless signal can travel, and the less the attenuation will be.

Therefore, according to different use environments and WiFi shielding of different frequency bands, choose the appropriate WiFi shielding device to achieve higher cost performance.