How to jam a drone?

UAV, a remarkable invention of modern high-tech weapons. With the advancement of science and technology and the continuous maturity of UAV technology, UAVs fly farther and higher. In the military, it is mainly used for various tasks such as reconnaissance, strike, surveillance, and intelligence collection. Among them, reconnaissance and intelligence collection are particularly important and have a great impact on the battle situation. For civilian use, drones are mainly used for performances, power line inspections, science and technology education, agricultural plant protection, etc.

However, in special application scenarios such as military use and performance, interference methods to resist black flying drones are necessary. However, in contrast, for those "legally flying drones", how to " "Avoiding interference" is also an issue that needs to be focused on.

Drone jamming

When it comes to interference, it can generally be divided into natural factors and human factors. In terms of natural factors, magnetic field changes are the most common.

In terms of human factors, the most typical anti-black fly market is those countermeasures equipment, which generally interfere with UAVs through signal interference, sound wave interference, and radio hijacking.

Signal interference-such as GPS interference, which releases a certain power of directional radio frequency to the drone, so that the drone equipped with the GPS positioning system cannot obtain accurate coordinate data, so it can only hover in the air and drift with the wind;

Acoustic interference-the main target of attack is the gyroscope carried by the drone. When the frequency of the acoustic wave is consistent with its natural frequency, resonance will occur between the two parties, which will affect the normal operation of the gyroscope and cause the drone's flight to become disordered and serious. Otherwise, it may crash the drone;

Radio hijacking-gain control of the drone by interfering with the radio frequency between the drone and the pilot, causing it to wander in place, fall directly, or return on its own.

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